How Does JDBC Work?


Written by Rahul Mehra Monday, 08 March 2010 17:01

The key interfaces in the JDBC Core API are as follows:

java.sql.DriverManager. In addition to loading JDBC drivers, the DriverManager is responsible
for returning a connection to the appropriate driver. When getConnection() is called, the
DriverManager attempts to locate a suitable driver for the URL provided in the call by polling the
registered drivers.

java.sql.Driver. The Driver object implements the acceptsURL(String url)method, confirming its
ability to connect to the URL the DriverManager passes.

java.sql.Connection. The Connection object provides the connection between the JDBC API and
the database management system the URL specifies. A Connection represents a session with a
specific database.

java.sql.Statement. The Statement object acts as a container for executing a SQL statement on
a given Connection.


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