Informatica 9 Overeview and Benefits


Tuesday, 27 April 2010 15:14

Informatica 9 brings together the business and IT sides of your company. Everyone works from a single set of priorities, toward a single mission. Everyone has a stake in making sure data delivers value.

When business requirements and IT delivery are aligned, your company transforms the way it operates. You work faster, cheaper, and smarter.

The innovative business-IT collaboration capabilities of Informatica 9 allow project teams to:

  • Communicate more effectively
  • Share work more easily
  • Complete projects more quickly


For Business Executives/Sponsors

  • Place ownership of the data in the hands of the people who understand it best—your business managers, stewards, and analysts
  • Keep up with the pace of change in your business by communicating and collaborating more effectively with IT to accelerate project schedules and eliminate redundant work
  • Make sure that your IT projects deliver expected results by preventing miscommunication and information loss
  • Align your IT projects with your most critical business initiatives, such as modernizing the business, attracting and retaining customers, increasing operational efficiency, and improving compliance reporting

For CIOs

  • Make IT organizations more efficient and productive by making the business more self-sufficient in executing data quality activities
  • Accelerate project cycles by eliminating wasteful iterations spent trying to understand business requirements, and by sharing work and findings easily

For Enterprise Architects

  • Maintain a single version of the truth by preventing metadata and rules from being lost or misinterpreted
  • Ensure that the business and IT are operating at peak efficiency with tools that are appropriate for their purposes and roles

For Directors/Vice Presidents of Enterprise Applications

  • Minimize implementation risk by empowering the business to explain requirements accurately to IT
  • Ensure that the data within applications can be trusted by giving the business the authority and ability to profile data and establish data quality rules
  • Provide the supporting processes for data stewards and IT developers to work together to maintain high-quality application data
  • Roll out projects faster by ensuring that the business and IT are collaborating on common shared metadata, but in terms each understands
  • Eliminate time-consuming rework by preventing information loss when metadata and rules are translated back and forth from specification to implementation

For Directors/Vice Presidents of Data Warehousing

  • Enable the business to define data rules quickly to speed response times
  • Instill business confidence in the quality of data in the data warehouse
  • Stop misinterpretation of data rules between the business and IT
  • Keep information from being lost as it travels from analyst specification to data warehouse developer implementation

For Directors/Vice Presidents of IT Operations

  • Reduce the cost and complexity of maintaining and administering systems by using a single platform and single set of tools across departments and projects
  • Easily maintain data quality consistently across business processes



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