Movement Type and Goods Movement in SAP Retail

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In SAP Materials Management, goods movement is distinguished using a three digit key which is called the "movement type". The movement type is important because it controls the screen layout, adjustment of inventories, the GL account for financial purposes etc. Goods movement have been discussed elaborately here. The various types of material movement types in SAP materials management MM are given below: 101 Goods receiving for ordering 104 Goods receiving blocking status for ordering 122 Return delivery to suppliers 201 Goods outflow (WA) to cost centers 221 Goods outflow to project 231 Goods outflow to customer order 241 Goods outflow to factory 251 Goods outflow to sales 261 Goods outflow to order 291 Goods outflow for all account allocations 321 Release from quality checking 551 Goods outflow for scrap 321 Release from quality checking 451 Returns from customers 453 Inventory to inventory transfers 501 Goods receiving without order 511 No cost delivery 521 Internal goods receiving without manufacturing order 561 Inventory taking

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